Synergy joined with Majus (an ITP inter-pipe sister company) to create Majus-Synergy, LLC on May 6th, 2008.


TOR technology, owned by Majus, is offered by Synergy and Majus through Majus-Synergy. TOR technology heats an oil reservoir by conduction using a circulation of hot fluid in the wells which reduces the viscosity of heavy oil in the reservoir around the well. Heating by conduction necessitates a significant temperature gradient between the hot source and the cold one.Therefore,this technology requires very high performance insulation material that avoids thermalloss between the surface heat source and the production zone.

Part of the oil produced is directed to a buffertank from where it is pumped to a heater and then into an insulated TOR coiled tubing run till the toe of the horizontal well. Oil is mixed with the produced fluids on the horizontal section of the system. During their flow in the horizontal section, the heated fluids heat the formation by conduction there by reducing oil viscosity in the vicinity of the well and increasing flow rate.

In order to offer a “plug-and-play” solution, Majus designs the surface equipment so that the connection Operations are limited to the power source connection: oil, gas or electricity. Majus developed a continuous Fabrication line offering a high quality control process capable of timely, efficient deliveries.

Vacuum Insulated Tubings:

Majus-Synergy fabricate and sell highly insulated tubing of a higher insulating capability than traditional vacuum insulated tubing. The tubings feature:

  • Seven times less heat loss,
  • Long term steady insulating performance,